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Quels pays proposent le meilleur enseignement supérieur ?

October 11, 2017

11 Oct 2017 Kai Chan Distinguished Fellow, INSEAD Innovation & Policy Initiative Les universités sont vitales si l’on veut mettre en valeur le capital humain. Ce sont des rouages essentiels dans l’économie mondiale du savoir. Si, autrefois, les études supérieures étaient réservées à une minorité, elles constituent aujourd’hui un pré requis pour entrer dans les […]

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¿Qué países ofrecen a sus ciudadanos la mejor educación superior?

May 25, 2017

25 May 2017 Kai Chan Distinguished Fellow, INSEAD Innovation and Policy Initiative Los responsables políticos tendrán que asegurar que la educación terciaria de alta calidad sea accesible para todos, no solo para la élite. La educación superior inclusiva podría cerrar las divisiones sociales que separan a la sociedad Las universidades son vitales para el desarrollo […]

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Hear! Hear! to Higher Education

March 4, 2011

Letter to Trinity Alumni Magazine Winter 2011 It was nice to read about the new deans, Jonathan Steels and Kristen Moore, as well as about Brett Cumberbatch, who is working on outreach to at-risk youth in Toronto’s northwest.  The efforts of people like them help enrich Trinity, and our communities. However, I often feel that […]

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The graduate student’s long march

December 1, 2005

Students of English literature might be acquainted with Alan Sillitoe’s classic novel, “The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner.”  In that story, the protagonist, Smith, gains relief from his chaotic schedule in a well-heeled boarding school and time to muse about life in his daily runs.  As a runner myself — having competed in track […]

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Talent comes from many economic backgrounds

February 2, 2005

If you are reading this article, you likely belong to the richest quartile of the country.  According to an April 2004 New York Times article, three quarters of Harvard’s class of ’03 came from the top quartile of the income distribution; only 6.8 percent came from the bottom.  The figures for Princeton are similar.  If […]

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