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At the University of Toronto I lectured a class in second-year microeconomics, was a teaching assistant for various undergraduate courses (introductory economics, urban economics), and additionally worked as a research assistant at the Rotman School of Management. (I also did my undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto, where I earned a double specialist degree (Hon BSc) in economics & mathematics.)

Second-year microeconomics:

I served as a teaching assistant for the following classes (and professors):
  • Introductory economics (Prof. Adonis Yatchew)
  • Introductory economics (Prof. George Slasor)
  • Urban economics (Prof. Peter Tomlinson)
I also worked with Prof. Edward Safarian as a research assistant at the University of Toronto’s business school (the Rotman School of Management): Explaining Canada’s changing FDI patterns (Hejazi & Safarian, 2002).


  • Hejazi, Walid and A. Edward Safarian (2002). “Explaining Canada’s changing FDI patterns.” Paper presented in Canadian Economics Association National Conference on Policy




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