Curriculum vitae

Dr Kai L. Chan (L)

Economist with experience in emerging markets, financial services, monetary policy, competitiveness, public policy, specialty finance and technology (cloud services).  

Unique combination of creativity, intuition and rigour to generate fresh insights into the complex questions of the economy.


Home town: Toronto, Canada

Country of citizenship: Canada

Current residence: Montréal, Canada

Current industry / profession: Technology (cloud services)

Other professional activities:  

Past employment:

  • Government and public policy (Dubai)
  • Finance (New York)
  • Consulting (Singapore)
  • Academia (Princeton University, University of Toronto, Concordia University (Montréal))


  • PhD, MA (economics): Princeton University
  • Hon. BSc (economics & mathematics): University of Toronto (Trinity)

Research & publications:


  • English (native)
  • French (B2+)
  • Cantonese (L5)
  • Mandarin Chinese (L4)
  • German (B1+)
  • Russian (A1+)

CEFR language proficiency level for European languages; HSK language proficiency level for Chinese; Conversational in all, except Russian

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Updated: Apr 2017