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Let Toronto’s diverse voices speak on TTC

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Diversifying Canada’s most diverse parliament

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Trade dispute likely to harm not help the US

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Articles WEF October 11, 2017

Quels pays proposent le meilleur enseignement supérieur ?

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Powerful Languages

April 12, 2017

Princeton Alumni Weekly (April 12, 2017) IN RESPONSE TO: WHEN LANGUAGE IS MORE THAN WORDS I was happy to see that PAW’s Jan. 11 edition was dedicated to languages. In a globalized world and in multicultural …

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‘Bottle ladies’

December 29, 2016

Letter to the Globe & Mail Published December 29, 2016 Marcus Gee’s article on Toronto’s “bottle ladies” (The Secret Lives Of Bottle Ladies – Dec. 24) was a refreshing look into the invisible poverty of parts …

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A cabinet that reflects Canada

November 7, 2015

Letter to the Toronto Star Published November 7, 2015 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is to be lauded for his commitment to a diverse cabinet, but gender is only one dimension of diversity. Although the minority share of …

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