Articles Media / Op-ed October 12, 2016

Radio interview with Dubai Eye (FM 103.8) – “Influence & Knowledge”

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Articles Media / Op-ed September 7, 2016

English is the modern lingua franca

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Articles Media / Op-ed August 30, 2016

Top three data challenges for the Middle East

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Articles Media / Op-ed July 22, 2016

Global Finance Magazine July 2016: “Gulf nations must develop soft infrastructure”

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A cabinet that reflects Canada

November 7, 2015

Letter to the Toronto Star Published November 7, 2015 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is to be lauded for his commitment to a diverse cabinet, but gender is only one dimension of diversity. Although the minority share of …

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Expats’ right to vote

August 2, 2015

Letter to the Globe & Mail Published August 1, 2015 Many of those who left Canada did so for professional reasons in a labour market that is increasingly globalized. They still hold deep ties to …

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Short End of the Stick

October 8, 2014

Letter to the PAW in response to: Undergraduate Yield Up, Grad Yield Down Published on October 8, 2014 Students of Asian descent at Princeton (and elsewhere in the United States) seem to get the short end of …

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Canadian politics

October 4, 2014

Letter to the Economist (Oct 4th 2014) SIR – Stephen Harper and his Conservative party will have a hard time staying in power after the next federal election in 2015. This is not because of …

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It starts at home

September 18, 2014

Letter to the Globe & Mail (September 18, 2014) It starts at home Twenty-plus years ago I would have been one of Hieu Ngo’s interview subjects (Young Gang Members: Their Numbers Are Increasing, But Why?– …

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