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Lebanon ranks 100th in Intelligence Capital Index

July 14, 2017

Countries capitalise on the knowledge economy to advance Published: 16:59 July 14, 2017 Joseph A. Kechichian, Senior Writer Beirut: Lebanon, which frequently boasts of its unique education capabilities ranked 100th with a low score of 16.9 [or simply a D] in the Intelligence Capital Index. The first Arab country on the list, the UAE, closed […]

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The world’s smartest countries

July 12, 2017

Kai L. Chan, Distinguished Fellow, INSEAD Innovation & Policy Initiative | July 12, 2017 When Sergey Brin was 16 and his family had already been living in the United States for a decade, his father took him on a short trip back to Russia. It was 1990 and the Soviet Union was collapsing. By the second day […]

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Human capital is key to creating knowledge economy

November 6, 2016

Human capital is key to creating knowledge economy Staff Report/dubai Filed on November 6, 2016 The most critical element for shifting away from hydrocarbons towards a knowledge economy is to build up the human and intelligence capital of a country. If the UAE can continue to provide a stable and open society, it will be […]

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It starts at home

September 18, 2014

Letter to the Globe & Mail (September 18, 2014) It starts at home Twenty-plus years ago I would have been one of Hieu Ngo’s interview subjects (Young Gang Members: Their Numbers Are Increasing, But Why?– Sept. 16). The gangs described in the report are reminiscent of the groups I associated with as a teen. Although […]

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