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It starts at home

September 18, 2014 Articles, Letters

Letter to the Globe & Mail (September 18, 2014)

It starts at home

Twenty-plus years ago I would have been one of Hieu Ngo’s interview subjects (Young Gang Members: Their Numbers Are Increasing, But Why?– Sept. 16). The gangs described in the report are reminiscent of the groups I associated with as a teen.

Although each person who has has stumbled in life as a teenager (or an adult) has a complex story, the one overriding factor that is almost universally common is the absence of human capital at home. Many of the social constructs that middle-class families take for granted – e.g. parents reading to children; discussion of life or politics at the dinner table – are largely absent from immigrant families, especially those from less developed countries.

If we want to build a better society, it all starts at home.

Kai Chan, Dubai

Letter as it appeared in the G&M

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