Smart robots set to test management skills

October 1, 2018

Published in MEED 30 SEPTEMBER 2018 11:58 AM In the second part of our series on managing intelligent machines, Aiowala’s Kai Chan looks at the challenges faced in creating a thriving AI ecosystem in the Gulf. Link to article (requires subscription). Click here for full article. © MEED MEDIA FZ LLC Company number 18693 (Dubai Creative […]

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Living in Dubai

September 13, 2018

A letter to the Princeton Alumni Weekly (PAW) IN RESPONSE TO: VOICES: ‘A DEEPLY INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE’ There are many misconceptions and a general lack of knowledge of the Middle East by those outside of the region. It was thus refreshing to read Paulette Singley *98’s take on her experience at the American University of Sharjah. I […]

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Staying ahead of smart robots

September 1, 2018

STAYING AHEAD OF SMART ROBOTS Published in MEED Business Review Sep 2018 With the advent of artificial intelligence, managers will need to learn how to oversee smart machines. Click here for full article. © MEED MEDIA FZ LLC  

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Parlez-vous polyglotte?

August 24, 2018

Isabelle Paré, 24 août 2018 (Le Devoir) Ici, on se brûle la langue régulièrement. La partie de sumo à laquelle se livrent le français et l’anglais sur le ring cosmopolite de Montréal figure toujours, pour tout politicien sensé, en haut du palmarès des sujets à fuir comme la peste en campagne électorale. Là où la […]

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Let Toronto’s diverse voices speak on TTC

August 6, 2018

Letter to the Toronto Star (August 6, 2018) Why are Toronto transit users letting Seth Rogen speak for them?, August 2 Instead of importing a monolingual voice for the TTC, Toronto should embrace its diversity by making multilingual transit announcements. To celebrate our bilingualism we could add French as a secondary announcement on, say, the […]

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