Trade dispute likely to harm not help the US

April 11, 2018

Letter to the Financial Times (April 11, 2018) From Kai L. Chan, Montreal, Canada Sir, Standing up for American interests and actually improving the lives of Americans are different things. The heterodox economics espoused by Peter Navarro (Opinion, April 9) are reminiscent of the mercantilism that held sway in the 16th century. The “help” that […]

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Qatar Today article: “Trading with our neighbours”

September 11, 2014

SEPTEMBER 10, 2014 Trading with our neighbours by Qatar Today By Aparna Shivpuri, “Why has the profile of intra-GCC trade remained almost constant (in proportion to total trade) over the years? We go behind the scenes to find out what’s holding back the bloc.” The issue of boosting intra-regional trade within the GCC has been […]

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