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Managing in today’s economy

March 28, 2016 Articles, Media / Op-ed
At Institute of Management Technology Dubai, a panel of experts discussed management strategies for today's economy BY JEANETTE TEH | COMMENT | PUBLISHED: 28TH MARCH 2016 AT 12:53 Navigating the current times of uncertainty with low oil prices, a slowdown in economic growth, and geopolitical crises can provide challenges for management. At Institute of Management Technology Dubai last Tuesday, a panel of experts discussed management strategies for today’s economy. Global slowdown and its impact on corporate strategy The average growth rate in 2016 for the world is less than 3 per cent, with all countries growing at a slower pace than the previous year, including China whose slowdown will have effects reverberating across the globe. DP World director of global operations Patrick Bol described the current state of affairs as one wrought with ambiguity and uncertainty where markets act in a way that cannot be easily understood with data, and complexity is characterised by a new way of thinking that presents both challenges and opportunities. Within this global economic framework, IMT Dubai director Dr Rakesh Singh advised corporations to address strategic issues on three different levels: Managing macro-economic fundamentals into corporate strategy. It was also advocated during the panel discussion…




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