Expats’ right to vote

Letter to the Globe & Mail

Published August 1, 2015

Many of those who left Canada did so for professional reasons in a labour market that is increasingly globalized. They still hold deep ties to Canada; indeed, each expat is an unofficial diplomat for the country in their (temporarily) adopted land.

Allowing those of us living beyond the political borders of Canada – but with attachments to the country – to have a political voice helps to shape a country with a more informed international policy (among other things), which is highly relevant in a society where trade and the cross-border movement of people are significant.

The Canadian identity is not defined by residency, but by a set of values, and by the belief in promoting these positive ideals around the world through our churning number of a million-plus “diplomats.”

Kai L. Chan, Dubai

Letter as it appeared in the G&M

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