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November 9, 2012 Articles, Letters

Letter to the Globe & Mail (November 8, 2012)

Re Women Challenge Central Banking Men’s Club (Nov. 7): The board of the Bank of Canada is not much different than the euro zone experience. Only two of the 15 board members are women. The board fares even worse on reflecting Canada’s mosaic – it has no visible minorities, even though they account for 20 per cent of Canada’s population. The club is even more white than it is male.

Nevertheless, such positions should be filled by merit only, but in a country with such a large visible minority population, are there none qualified for the role?

The board counts four directors (of 12 appointed positions) from the Atlantic provinces, even though that region accounts for only about 7 per cent of Canada’s population.

Kai L. Chan, Dubai

Letter as it appeared in the G&M

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