Ces 8 pays affichent de meilleurs résultats scolaires que la France sans dépenser plus

May 24, 2019

BUSINESS INSIDER FRANCE Chisato Goya 24 Mai 2019, 14:23 NB: Text below changed from article to reflect that spending on education is expressed per capita (par tête), not per student. Dépenser plus ne garantit pas forcément de meilleurs résultats. Cette affirmation est vraie dans différents domaines, dont l’éducation. Kai L. Chan, professeur émérite de l’INSEAD […]

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The vital link of education and prosperity

January 22, 2014

This is a cached copy of the WSJ report (which is no longer available online). Published 11 September 2013. Data from 50 countries over half a century reveal how even a small education gain can mean a big economic payoff. Americans are aware of public education’s many failures—the elevated high-school dropout rates, the need for remedial work among entering […]

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