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PAW Class Notes (April 22, 2015)

April 22, 2015 Articles, Media / Op-ed
ECONOMICS: Dr. Kai Chan *08 (in photo) writes from Dubai, where he is working as a policy adviser for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) federal government. Kai and his wife, Dominika, have been in Dubai since September 2011, shortly after their marriage in New York’s City Hall. They have immersed themselves into life in Dubai and have taken advantage of the location to travel extensively to Europe, Asia, and Africa. For this academic year Kai is a distinguished fellow at INSEAD at the Abu Dhabi campus. INSEAD, with campuses in Paris, Singapore, and Abu Dhabi, has as its motto “the business school for the world.” Kai was also on the team that was successful in getting the 2020 Expo for Dubai. While Kai was in New York, he was active in the Princeton Club as a graduate-alumni representative, hosting several alumni get-togethers. A proud Canadian -- and playing more hockey in Dubai than he did  in New York -- Kai is continuing to work to build up the Princeton alumni presence in the UAE, hosting quite a few visiting alums. Written by Timothy J. Butts *72 (Princeton Alumni Weekly Class Notes (April 22, 2015))




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