Author: Kai L. Chan

Finance professional based in New York

How the English Language’s Disproportionate Influence Skews Global Narratives

October 10, 2019

No one questions English’s status as the world’s go-to language for business, tech, tourism and academia, but that popularity has also made it disproportionately influential on news. In a chapter of Hostwriter’s Unbias the News: Why Diversity Matters for Journalism, journalist, writer and managing editor of the Global Investigative Journalism Network Tanya Pampalone looks at […]

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Presentation – Kai Chan – Is the English language too powerful? / L’anglais est-il trop fort?

August 24, 2019

The below is my presentation at LangFest 2019. Le dessous est ma présentation au LangFest 2019. English is the most powerful language from a global perspective (as measured by the Power Language Index). At the local level, even in places where it does not have status, English can still overwhelm the local language(s). This presents […]

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Interview Kai Chan & María Ortega García

August 23, 2019

The below is an interview I did for the 2019 edition of LangFest (a polyglot conference) in Montreal. Kai L. Chan Bio: Dr Kai L. Chan is a Distinguished Fellow at INSEAD. Previously he was a special adviser to the UAE federal government on competitiveness and statistics, where he focused on that country’s positioning on […]

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AI-powered automation will have an ethnic bias

July 30, 2019

Kai Chan Distinguished Fellow, INSEAD Innovation and Policy Initiative The Fourth Industrial Revolution, with artificial intelligence (AI) as one of its principal drivers, promises big changes. AI automation is expected to lead to, among other things, large disruptions in the labour market. A 2013 Oxford study estimated that almost half of employment in the US […]

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Dîner LangFest: Kai L. Chan

July 19, 2019

The below is an interview I did with the LangFest organisers. Le dessous est mon interview avec les organisateurs du LangFest. #LangFest19 #LangFestConferenciers Кай Л. Чан

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