Letters: Germans are too ‘timid’ to state the obvious

Re: This Is Rape Culture, Robyn Urback, Jan. 8.

A popular expression defines insanity as “doing something over and over again and expecting different results.” So it has been with the migrant crisis in Europe.

I lived adjacent to the Cologne train station when I was a summer intern at a Cologne-based bank in 2004, and I have gone back on several occasions to visit their Christmas market. In near-year living in Germany (over three different stints) I have even picked up the language.

Because Germans are so burdened by their collective guilt over the Second World War, many are timid about stating the obvious: a disproportionate number of crimes in that country (and Europe) are committed by immigrants who fit the profile of the recent migrants. With a weak track record on integrating (some) immigrant groups, it is surely foolish to assume that accepting more of the same will yield any different results.

Kai L. Chan, Dubai.

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